Starting Sink Lion

Mischevious MeezerI’ve been doing different kinds of design for awhile.  I started out as kind of a self-taught freelancer but a few years ago I decided to go back to school and take actual graphic design courses.  Since that time I’ve worked a bit at freelance and found a job that uses my skills, but it has been a dream of mine to run my own business eventually.

Like a lot of people starting out, I’m starting small and working around my “day job”.  This blog will be a sort of launch point for the different venues I plan to use, at least for now.  Until we grow!  Isn’t that optimistic?

The first place I’ve put some of my designs is in my Zazzle store!  It’s small and I’m just starting out so I’ve got just a few test items there.  Stop by and check out my Singing Coyote and Curious Meezer apparel!

I plan to do a few things with this blog.  Display my latest designs, share some of the recipes I’ve discovered, that sort of thing.  If you have suggestions for things you might want to see here, let me know!