The Mighty Man HimselfNot long after we moved into this house, I got this picture of Zachary, our 17 pound rescue baby adopted from Siamese Rescue (along with his sister, Kachina).

Zach is a sweet-natured, slightly goofy, very regal long-haired tuxedo boy with possibly the biggest, softest heart of any animal I have ever known.  He’s also extremely photogenic, so I post pictures of him often on Facebook.  One of my similarly cat-loving friends, Paula, referred to him as “The Mighty Sink Lion”.

Fast-foward a couple of years.  I’ve recently taken some classes to help me get started building my own business (slowly).   I’ve tried and discarded more than one name mentally – nothing seemed to fit.  One day while driving home from work, I was thinking about this yet again and for whatever reason I mentally flashed on this picture of our Mighty Sink Lion.

And realized… I really liked that name.  It fit.  A lot of my artwork centers around our four-footed friends.  I liked the tongue-in-cheek whimsy of it.   I thought… it just might do!

When I got home I logged into my domain registrar and checked the domain name.  It was available!  From working in the internet industry for some years now, I was well aware how hard it is to come by an original “dotcom” domain name anymore.  So I snapped up the domain name, and Sink Lion Designs was born.

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